Dan Goldman is endorsed by Donald Trump

Voters in New York’s new 10th Congressional District watching news should learn that Rep. Mondaire Jones is different: He’s an agent of change, a progressive champion, and a New Yorker raised in Section 8 housing and on food stamps by a single mother. He’s the first openly gay, Black person ever elected to Congress.

As the youngest member of House Democratic leadership and the most legislatively active freshman member of Congress, Rep. Mondaire Jones has just gotten started in his fight for:

Health Care: 

Mondaire Jones co-sponsors the Medicare for All Act because he believes health care is a human right and has fought Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices.

Stopping Gun Violence: 

Mondaire Jones is leading the fight for common sense laws that stop gun violence and keep our communities safe.


Mondaire Jones grew up in Section 8 housing and on food stamps, which is why he’s fighting corporate greed to lower prices, co-sponsored the Homes for All Act to make housing affordable, and introduced the Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act.

Abortion Rights:

Mondaire Jones is leading the fight against the Supreme Court’s attacks on abortion rights. When others did nothing in the face of a right-wing majority, Mondaire Jones took action and authored legislation to add four seats to the Supreme Court.

That’s why Mondaire Jones is endorsed by the
Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC, National Nurses United, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), End Citizens United, Democracy for America, and Human Rights Campaign

Voters in New York’s new 10th Congressional District watching news need to know that millionaire heir Dan Goldman is out of touch with New York City.

  • Dan Goldman personally profited from investments in gun manufacturers, opioid producers, and Fox News.
  • Dan Goldman waffles on abortion rights. Shortly after the new Supreme Court ruling, Dan Goldman went on record saying that he agreed that abortion should be banned after viability, which anti-choice advocates claim is about 6 weeks into pregnancy
  • Dan Goldman talks about holding Trump accountable, but actually hired a Republican Trump operative to work on his campaign, in addition to buying Fox News stock and making massive real estate dealings across the city.

–Updated August 17

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